Do more fixing

with less clicking

Smooth remote desktop, remote scripting, and rich auto-complete to maximize your IT support efficiency.

Remote Desktop

Instantly connect to remote desktops either unattended or by invite. Invites are started from a single-file, portable executable that's easy for customers to download and use.

Unattended Session

Session by Invite

Remote Scripting

Save time on quick fixes and ad-hoc scripting with an interactive console that lets you execute commands against multiple remote machines simultaneously, with instant results.

Rich auto-complete for PowerShell Core, Windows PowerShell, Windows CMD, and Bash increases speed and accuracy of commands.

Get Started

Remotely is free and open-source, and there are multiple ways to start using it.

  • Download the portable client for instant screen sharing
  • Install a server package to host a server yourself
  • Create an account on the free server that we host to try the unattended access and remote scripting
  • Download and build the source code to host a server yourself

Screen-Sharing Clients

These clients can be used immediately, without creating an account. They are provided as a demo only and not intended for production use.
Windows (64-bit) Windows (32-bit) Linux (64-bit)

Server Package Installs

The below scripts will download and install a server for Windows Server 2016+ or Ubuntu 18.04+.

Documentation can be found on the GitHub Readme.
Windows x64 (PowerShell) Linux x64 (Bash)

Server Files Only

The below archives contain the server files, which can be used to overwrite and upgrade existing servers.
Windows (64-bit) Linux (64-bit)


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You can use Remotely in almost any way you'd like. It's free of charge and free of restrictions.

If Remotely has provided value to you or your business, please consider contributing to the project.

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