Do more fixing

with less clicking

Smooth remote desktop, remote scripting, and rich auto-complete to maximize your IT support efficiency.

Remote Desktop

Instantly connect to remote desktops either unattended or by invite. Invites are started from a single-file, portable executable that's easy for customers to download and use.

Unattended Session

Session by Invite

Remote Scripting

Save time on quick fixes and ad-hoc scripting with an interactive console that lets you execute commands against multiple remote machines simultaneously, with instant results.

Rich auto-complete for PowerShell Core, Windows PowerShell, Windows CMD, and Bash increases speed and accuracy of commands.

Get Started

Remotely is free and open-source, and there are multiple ways to start using it.

  • Download the portable client to try out instant screen sharing
  • Create an account on the demo server that we host to try the unattended access and remote scripting
  • Download and build the source code to host a server yourself

Screen-Sharing Clients

These clients can be used immediately, without creating an account. They are provided as a demo only and not intended for production use.
Windows (64/32-bit) Linux (64-bit)


Project Link:

You can use Remotely in almost any way you'd like. It's free of charge and free of restrictions.